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Eurovision Song Banned

Eurovision 2009

Eurovision 2009

Georgia have been forced to withdraw from the Eurovision song contest after having their proposed song banned. The song “we don’t wanna put in” was said to be mocking The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The event is to be held in Russia in mid May which only added to the controversy. According to Eurovision rules no lyrics, speeches or gestures of a political nature are allowed within the contest and the song was deemed to be breaking this rule. The song which would have been performed by Stephane and 3G was seen to be protesting against Russia’s war on Georgia. The Georgian group had the option of revising the lyrics of the song but instead chose to opt out of the competition. Mr Putin’s spokesman commented saying; “We should only regret that the Georgian contestants instead of concentrating on the art, use such a popular contest for demonstrating the pseudo-political ambitions, or-simply speaking-their hooliganism.”


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