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Canada Gay Rights Boycott

The debate concerning homophobic lyrics being banned has been sparked once again by Canada. A Canadian coalition is calling for not only a boycott of Reggae music from the Canadian people but also for Canadians to stop visiting the Island of Jamaica. This move is being proposed to impact the Jamaican economy through lack of tourism and in turn force the government to step in and do something about the anti gay lyrics. Jamaican Dancehall artists have found their downloadable material being subjected to censorship. Entire albums which included songs with homophobic lyrics have been deleted from download sites. Sizzla, Buju Banton, Elephant Man and T.O.K are amongst the artists involved in the controversy.

Dancehall Artist Sizzla

Dancehall Artist Sizzla


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Gayless Oscars

Viewers who watched this years Oscars in Asian will have found a slight difference in what they heard compared to their counterparts in the rest of the world. During the Oscar acceptance of speech Dustin Lance Black for “Best Original Screenplay”  for the film “Milk” he made a number of references to his gay lifestyle and used the word “gay” a number of times…unless you were watching in Asia. When the Oscars were broadcast the original speech was edited to excluded the word “gay”.

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