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Eminem Relapse Banned

eminem-relapse-album-cover-Eminem’s TV commercial for his new album relapse has been banned from TV. The rapper is no stranger to such controversy and his naked body in a bath tub full of blood proved to be a bit too much for censors. The 20 second long commercial is still widely available on YouTube along with the more family friendly Family Guy Relapse commercial. The banning of the commercial will undoubtedly generate interest in the clip and aid the promotion of the Relapse album.



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Eminem Radio



Eminem’s Satellite radio station has continued to flourish. The station plays uncensored and uncut Hip Hop twenty four hours a day and due to Satellite radio being a private industry material isn’t subjected to the rules of the FCC. Eminem throughout his career came under much scrutiny by censorship boards such as the FCC and after reaching Platinum Status in his career retaliated by creating a platform from which he could exercise freedom of expression. The Channel “Shade 45” has been running for four years and continues to attract a list celebrities and music personnel.

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Youtube Blocked

Daniela Cicarelli

Daniela Cicarelli

In a bizarre twist of events Youtube was blocked in Brazil.  Brazilian supermodel and TV personality Daniela Cicarelli was filmed getting abit close to her boyfriend while on holiday in Spain, and naturally the clip ended up in Youtube. The case went to court and Youtube was ordered to get rid of the videos but every time one video was deleted another emerged. The video was collecting more hits than any other video in Brazil with views reaching into the millions. Youtube was later sued by the model Daniela and the judge ordered youtube to be banned in Brazil. Many waited to see whether the ban would actually happen and to the surprise of many it did. Youtube has however now been restored in Brazil and somewhat ironically Daniella appeared on Youtube to give viewers her side of the story. Many in Brazil and indeed throughout the world will be wondering if blocking Youtube was the right thing to do…

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Half Censored Kanye

Kanye Earning His Money

Kanye Earning His Money

After a recent three hour interview with VH1 Kanye West it has been deemed only 90 mins of the footage will be shown. Kanye played judge, jury, defence and evidently prosection. “Yeezy” aired his frustrations with the band Radiohead, defended Chris Brown and explained the lives of Michael Jackson and the ever popular O.J. Simpson, nice.

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If You Seek Britney

Cleverly Outrageous

Cleverly Outrageous

Britney Spears’ new single “If you seek Amy” has been censored for radio. The song seems to contain a subliminal like message within the line “If you seek Amy”.

If -F
You – U
Seek -C K
Amy – Me.

Undoubtedly the average five year old listening will just be wondering who is “Amy” and where they can find her,  but  the single has sparked much outrage (mainly amongst parents) with the song being described as; clever, outrageous and something along the lines of the end of the world. Many including Chris Crocker have rushed to Britney’s defence (surprise surprise) but Radiostations will only play the somewhat pitiful clean version, the explicit version is available on the album “Circus” as well as youtube of course.

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