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Industry Accepts Chinese Censorship

Google China

Google China

Google have launched a music download service to operate in china, however any music that had been previously banned by the Chinese authorities isn’t available via the download site. “When you’re in the music business in China you know you have to follow the regulations,” said Lachie Rutherford, president of Warner Music Asia. Google have rarely contested China on censorship issues since its introduction to the Chinese market several years ago. Undoubtedly much of the material banned by China won’t be as a result of foul language or absurdity, but simply views which contradict or undermine the Chinese government.


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Censoring Beyonce’s Wardrobe

What Malaysia Missed Out On

What Malaysia Missed Out On

What kind of monster would try to censor Beyonce’s wardrobe I must ask. The R&B sensation decided to cancel her tour of Malaysia rather than wear something other than her usual…somewhat skimpy outfits. She did however tour neighbouring countries such as Indonesia where the rules aren’t so strict. Essentially somewhere along the line (perhaps her waist line) Beyonce found herself coming into direct contention with traditional Islamic values,but dismissed the issue saying her reason for cancelling was: “a scheduling conflict.” I’m sure lying is also against Islamic values so maybe Beyonce was right to cancel.

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Gayless Oscars

Viewers who watched this years Oscars in Asian will have found a slight difference in what they heard compared to their counterparts in the rest of the world. During the Oscar acceptance of speech Dustin Lance Black for “Best Original Screenplay”  for the film “Milk” he made a number of references to his gay lifestyle and used the word “gay” a number of times…unless you were watching in Asia. When the Oscars were broadcast the original speech was edited to excluded the word “gay”.

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